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The nexus for the Telecom Ramblings community activities page. More will be coming here.

Ramblings Community Forums

The place to go for actual conversations with folks from within the telecom and internet infrastructure sectors and the financial community that serves it.  Currently we have three forums:

These forums are moderated, but hopefully lightly so.

Ramblings Jobs Board

Job listings for the telecom and internet infrastructure sectors.

We accept Paypal, but listing packages are available via invoice.

 Event Calendar

The Event Calendar is a free service for anything industry-related by any subscriber.  All you need to do is to send a calendar invite to, and your event will show up on the calendar.


View collections of pictures from industry events.  If you have pictures you’d like to share here, send them and a description of the event to

Submit a Link to Ramblings Choice

Submit interesting links here for consideration in the Ramblings Choice section of Telecom Ramblings.  Note the ‘interesting’ and ‘for consideration’ parts before spamming the webmaster’s inbox please.